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A small sample of recent and historical projects by Clive Mulgrew

Marau Hospital, Solomon Islands, Wastewater Treatment Plant

Marau Hospital, Solomon Islands, Wastewater Treatment Plant. Submerged Aerated Filtration technology. 22KL/Day design flow.

Beachlands Junction Water Treatment Plant

Beachlands Junction Water Treatment Plant. Bore water treatment to DWS of NZ Standard. Treatment challenges Fe & Mn removal. Design flow 5KL/Hr.

Kaukapakapa Wastewater Treatment Plant

Kaukapakapa Wastewater Treatment Plant. MBR technology with water re-cycling. Design Flow, (Stage 1) 12KL/Day.

BHP Cooling Tower Filtration Plant Design Flow: 750m3/hr

This project called for a filtration system that could remove fine sediment from the cooling tower water.Our solution was to offer Culligan swimming pool filters for the duty. These are multi-media filters that filter down to 10-microns, nominal.

Bonalbo Water Treatment Plant Design Flow:15m3/hr

The Bonalbo Water Treatment Plant was built for Kyogle Council, NSW, Australia.The plant is a DAFF plant; Dissolved Air Flotation, followed by rapid sand filtration.

Fonterra Clandeboye Water Treatment Plant Design Flow: Potable Water: 90m3/hr

For this project we used Culligan technology, comprising depth filtration followed by demineralization.

Fonterra TeRapa Water Treatment Plant Design Flow: 8,500m3/day

The TeRapa water treatment plant is of our own design. The technology used is contact flocculation.The plant comprises two treatment trains, operating in parallel. Each train comprises two filter cells, operating in series, both located in a horizontal filter vessel.

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I am a civil engineer who has specialised in the water industry.
My water treatment experience is in excess of 40 years.

I have an extensive experience in completing water treatment projects across the industry including Sewerage and Wastewater, Pure and Potable water, Swimming Pool water, Small to Large.

Based in New Zealand, I’m available to the Pacific Rim and have completed many water treatment projects in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. I offer consultancy services (design and project management), turnkey projects and specialist equipment components for water treatment and wastewater treatment projects.

I pride myself on providing cost effective, high performance solutions at a competitive service pricing. My designs are proven and are guaranteed to provide the best desired outcome.


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