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Commercial Submerged Aeration Filtration, with rapid sand filtration polishing (SAF+)

Application and Benefits


Submerged Aerated Filtration Wastewater Treatment Plants are advanced wastewater treatment solutions for domestic and commercial sewage treatment applications, where the treated effluent produced by the treatment process is suitable for disposal to ground, through land application.

The SAF+ WwTP is a variant of the Submerged Aeration Filtration Wastewater Treatement technology, where a rapid sand filter has been added to the outlet of the clarifier.

This filter removes the bulk of the suspended particles that escape the clarifier of the standard SAF WwTP.

The SAF+ WwTP has an application where it is desirable to produce a superior treated effluent than that capable with a standard SAF WwTP.

SAF+ WwTP technology offers a robust, cost effective wastewater treatment process that is suited for all community applications. The SAF+ treatment process does not require a high level of technical support to operate correctly. If you want something that is reliable, requiring minimal operator input, this is the “go to” technology.

The Clive Mulgrew Water Engineering Ltd (CMWEL) range of SAF+ Wastewater Treatment Plants are designed for commercial applications.

Typical applications are for small communities, such as villages, schools, maraes, camping grounds, etc, where it is required to provide a local wastewater treatment facility to treat and safely dispose of the wastewater produced by that community.


CMWEL designs are based on 23KL Concrete, or 25KL & 30KL PE water tanks, which allow for:

  1. Open ended design, allowing the wastewater treatment plant solution to be sized for each individual application.
  2. Allows for easy future design modifications, to cater for future flow, and/or raw wastewater strength changes.
  3. Tank selection to suit buried, (concrete), partially buried, (concrete or PE) and restricted heavy load access applications, (PE).
  4. Sealed tanks allowing for the carbon filter treatment of odious gas and spent air discharges to atmosphere.

System Specifications

  • Tanks: concrete. 60KPA, (minimum), concrete with microsilica addition to the concrete to make it more resistant to chemical attack.
  • PE: Insulated PE Water Tanks used for the SAF Process Tanks.
  • Fully Automatic: PLC controller with audible, visual and optional remote alarm facilities.
  • 24VDC Actuated Valves for safe operation.

Process Schematic


The above schematic shows the smallest CMWEL Commercial SAF+ WwTP offered. For larger capacity WwTPs, extra tanks are added as needed to cater for the increased process tankage requirements.

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