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Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant


The CMWEL Domestic Submerged Aerated Filtration Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat the sewage flow from a single dwelling.

The standard model is designed to treat the flow from a three-bedroom house, but the design can be easily modified to suit smaller, or larger dwellings.

Submerged Aerated Filtration Wastewater Treatment Plants, (SAF WwTPs), are advanced wastewater treatment solutions, where the treated effluent produced by the treatment process is suitable for disposal to ground, through land application.

The treated effluent guarantee offered is:

Activity BOD5, mg/L TSS, mg/L TN, mg/L F. Coli, cts/100ml
Residential <15 <20 <30 <1,0001

   1 UV Disinfection is included in the treatment process.

SAF WwTP technology offers a robust, cost effective wastewater treatment process that is particularly suited for domestic treatment application.

The SAF treatment process does not require a high level of technical support to operate correctly.  If you something that is reliable, requiring minimal operator input, this is the “go to” technology.


The CMWEL design is based on a 10KL PE WaterTank and allows for:

Open ended design, allowing the wastewater treatment plant solution to be sized for each individual dwelling application.

Provides a buffer storage volume, allowing the wastewater treatment plant to easily handle surge flows.

Tank designed to allow for easy maintenance of all components.

Sealed tank allowing for the carbon filter treatment of odious gas and spent air discharges to atmosphere.

System Specifications:


PE Water Tank, 10,000-Litre capacity with internal PE chambers for all the SAF WwTP functions.

Fully Automatic.

PLC controller with audible, visual and optional remote alarm facilities.

Tank Arrangement:


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